Fabrics Flexible Duct

One of the physical characteristic most important of any major application of material is its tear resistance. Both weight and resistance to tearing, can be altered by varying materials components we produce according to the need and requirement of customer because we have various encodings thread thicknesses and fabric constructions product.

Low price

High quality

High performance


We managed to make a fabric TIGRELONA RIP STOP with low price, high quality, excellent performance and duration which Optimum has a Cost-Benefit.



Our materials provided assume a pattern geometric. these frames are excellent choices fabric applications Flexible Ventilation Ducts Mining, Tunneling and pits due to the optimum Cost - Quality

Fabrics "EL TIGRE" has a base incorporating synthetic between two sheets and vinyl polymers virgins. These layers are laminated subsequently sticking together through various temperature and pressure changes resulting in a strong, resistant, Waterproof, low maintenance, fire resistant and when the user requires Antistatic.



Tigerlona Rip Stop, is a product with greater consistency threads (denier high tenacity) that are established grid at regular intervals of 1-1-2cms x 2cms. In both directions of the fabric. The benefit of more threads heavy is that by presenting a small tear, it blocks preventing a higher tear.


Our fabric has less than 100 me ohms resistance, compliance with international standards and Anti-static Fire resistance.

RIP STOP TIGRESTAT is a material antistatic treatment exclusively designed, developed and manufactured by "El Tigre" for use Ventilation in sleeves Groundwater conditions risk of exposure to explosive gases.

Materials designed exclusively for Ventilation Ducts


TIGRELONA RIP STOP, is a high tenacity fabric resistance so coated on both sides of special Virgin PVC and Polymers above it.

It is a material fireproof, 100% waterproof, with formulation Anti-UV, anti-fungal, Anti-oxidant and Retardant flames.

Thus is reinforced to withstand the elements, UV, cold, heat, oils and fuels.